Core Purpose


B.O.G. was established to commercialise extensive development work that reduces, reuses and recycles organic, solid wastes by transforming them into valuable resources that ensure and enhance the quality of life. Primary waste streams include human and animal excrement, kitchen waste, cooking fats and oils and grease, putrescibles waste and other organic materials. Through efficient and effective transformation we create clean healthy water, energy in the form of heat and electricity and creation of carbon credits, clean disease and odour free dry fertiliser. All generate strong cash flows and transform operational expenses for traditional WWTP's into positive cashflow profit centre. By profiting from resource recovery and sale of outputs B.O.G. is generating profit and contributing to sustainability.

  • Culture

    B.O.G. acts responsibly, courageously, honestly, truthfully, respectfully and with integrity at all times. The business exhibits the courage to keep on going, far beyond all reasonable hope, never thinking of itself as ill-used, and acting with humility. Always a little stiff and formal, rarely unbending or laughing, but always friendly. Yet underneath there is a whip cord and steel core.

  • Vision

    Sanitation, soil, water and air quality. Fundamental tenants for sustainable quality of life.

    We humbly offer low cost, simple, relevant solutions to fulfil quality of life expectations for all.

  • Mission

    The B.O.G. mission is encapsulated in "moving mankind forwards, responsibly, by closing the nutrient cycle" An overly grand mission? It depends upon perspective. We have already improved quality of life for existing clients and through staged development and astute marketing will ensure we make Clients aware of the solution we can provide for their specific needs. Our intial markets for development through our strong relationships are local markets in sewage and intensive animal feeding plants in Australia and in China.

    Our mission, in pursuit of our vision, is to clean and sustainably recycle biological and organic waste streams found in wastewater and recover resources and clean water for a healthier and happier community. We will continue development of contaminant remediation and heavy metal recovery. By collecting clean nutrients from human and animal excrement we are able to generate an excellent, high performance basal fertiliser and return these nutrients to the soil. We are and will continue to achieve successful outcomes through the mining and remediation of organic waste streams - wastewater sludge. Sludge is a valuable resource affecting human and animal health, and generating energy and carbon credits, nutrients for soil enhancement, minerals and clean water.

    By responsibly dissembling waste streams we create individual, life sustaining resources that are commercially, environmentally and socially valuable. Commercial sustainability allows us to continue leading innovation and its commercial use in the fields of sludge and water recovery while applying our core technologies in many other fields. By continually delivering profits above our capital hurdle rate we ensure our vision is sustained and the wealth of our people, stakeholders and shareholders grows.