Technological Advantages

Core Biological Treatment Products Primary Application Key Attributes Applications
MixaeratorTM Aeration and accelerated aerobic digestion. Rapid, low cost, high efficiency aeration or chemical incorporation in any materials. Rapid oxidation thereby creating a suitable environment for accelerated digestion and incorporation of microbial materials. Oxidation of contaminants and certain heavy metals etc. Odour emission elimination. Acceleration of aerobic digestion. Very rapid BOD and COD reductions. Accelerated digestion of WWTP sludge, Oxidation of certain contaminants, Breakdown of certain long chain contaminants using ozonation, Incorporation of aerobic microbial matter in WWTP sludge and Animal manures to transform organic matter into microbial mass with considerably reduced volume. Current Industry Applications Waste water treatment, Intensive animal feeding 鈥 poultry, pig, cattle, ducks etc., Abattoirs, Domestic drinking water supply industry Water body recovery, Mining ponds and metal recovery (gold), Aquaculture - prawns, Contaminated ponds remediation Milk Drum washing Pharmaceutical remediation and all applications which require low cost aeration or contaminant breakdown.
Mixaerator Mixing and accelerated anaerobic digestion Mixes solids, liquids and gas in any or all combinations at low speed or high speed with or without aeration ensuring complete homogeneity. High intensity, high density solids (<80% moisture content) low cost mixing in WWTP sludge's, animal manures, putrescible, fats oils & greases and other organic materials to facilitate accelerated anaerobic digestion without aeration. Chemical and food products mixing and any mixing applications that require reduced ingredient volumes for the same effectiveness while minimizing energy requirements. Current Industry Applications Wastewater treatment 鈥 flocculant incorporation, Wastewater treatment 鈥 accelerated sludge digestion for accelerated biogas generation and incorporation of kitchen wastes and water recovery Wastewater treatment 鈥 certain contaminants remediation. Wastewater treatment 鈥 odour minimization and complete transformation of organic materials to disease free microbial mass Animal industry 鈥 poultry, pigs, cattle etc. anaerobic digestion and water recovery. Incorporation and diffusion of microbial materials and other treatment additives as required
  Molecular breakdown Breaks down long chain molecules to allow for ozoneation or ameliation of contamination effects. Decontamination of certain contaminants found in waste water and sludges by breaking down long chain carbons under certain conditions.
Microbial Materials 1. Digestion of biological material Dominant facultative microbes for aerobic or anaerobic digestion. Digestion of organic materials through exponential growth of the microbial population while natural microbes are in decline Wastewater treatment Sewage sludge Animal manures Any biological materials that require transformation. Creation of optimal digestion environment
  2. Microbial slow release root growth stimulation Release nutrients at a microbially controlled rate rather than temperature controlled rate per wax systems Microbial slow release fertilizers for use in plantations etc.
The B.O.G. ProcessTM The amalgamation and integration of processes. The introduction of new physical flow patterns and acceleration of outcomes to harvest resources found in many waste streams. Initial applications are in the human and animal manures digestion either anaerobically or aerobically. Current Industry Applications Wastewater treatment Poultry, pig and cattle intensive feeding sheds for power generation and waste management.

Water & Liquids Treatment Products Primary Application Key Attributes Applications
WW5.9 Aerator Water aeration Low capital and operating cost treatment of large water body aeration Wastewater treatment lagoons
WWFiltration & Purification Systems Water filtration & purification Fully automated filtration of water to 0.5 micron Wastewater treatment lagoons
Rotary Filter Separation of liquids and solids down to 20 micron Wastewater treatment lagoons Poultry abattoir
Crossflow filter Fully automated filtration of water down to 8 microns

Products Under Development Primary Application Key Attributes Applications
Z Filter Dewatering sludges High volume high speed sludge dewater down to 70% moisture.