Commercial Applications

  • Processes available to B.O.G. are being used commercially in

    Cattle feedlot 9,000hd manure treatment (Kerwee)

    Lemontree, dairy manure 2,000hd

    WWTP sewage sludge and water recovery for local cities (Redlands, Townsville, Mansfield)

    Poultry abattoir fat removal from waste water poultry (Lonica, Victoria)

    Mining pond remediation 鈥 Queensland Nickel

    Gold recovery 鈥 Queensland University, Newmont Mining Ltd

    Water remediation 鈥 South East Queensland Water Authority

    Chemical spill remediation 鈥 Narangbah Queensland Environmental Protection Authority

    Aquaculture 鈥 prawn farms Vietnam

    Toxic waste decontamination 鈥 Queensland EPA

    Sewage treatment, grease trap waste treatment, abattoir paunch treatment, and other liquid waste streams 鈥 Wondai Queensland.

    In the previous plant Certified Organic fertiliser, based upon pig manure, was produced and sold commercially through a large retail chain up to 2008.

  • Commercial Validation Trials

    Successful commercial assessment trials have been conducted in:

    Hong Kong 鈥 waste water

    Changsha 鈥 Hunan Province 鈥 sewage sludge

    Piggeries effluent 鈥 South East Queensland