Process Flow


B.O.G. resolves the commercial dilemmas that have stopped problems identified above, to reduce, recycle and reuse organic waste materials we also generate energy from biogas, filter and purify water rendering it safe for consumption, destroy pathogens, viruses, protozoa enhancing human and animal health, eliminate odour, create carbon credits by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and make a safe stable, dry, storable fertiliser.

Energy costs represent approximately 60% of WWTP's operating costs in China. B.O.G. Process is able to reduce these costs to as much as 30% using anaerobic treatment and suitable process.

B.O.G. accelerates, aerobic or anaerobic digestion of human and animal (pigs, poultry, ducks, and cattle) excrement, fats, oils and greases from kitchens, putrescible organic waste, abattoir paunch and similar organic wastes.

The B.O.G suite of process also reduces BOD and COD very rapidly in water bodies, filters and purifies water, comprehensively mixes solids, liquids and gasses, breaks down complex contaminants and pharmaceuticals and pesticides and remediates toxic wastes.

We eliminate heath and odour issues, create valuable, volumetrically reduced fertilisers transforming waste management from being a high cost, capital intensive exercise for WWTP's to an environmentally responsible, revenue generating process saving power, transport and disposal cost and reducing greenhouse gas emission.

Complete digestion is achieved in 5 to 10 days vs. natural full digestion in 30 + days and partial digestion in 14 to 21 days.

B.O.G. treats the problems associated with sewage sludge and animal manures and their decontamination to render them suitable for use as safe, healthy, odour free, fertilisers that close the nutrient cycle.

In addressing the nutrient cycle, energy is captured, water is cleaned, contamination is minimized and air quality and health issues are rectified.