B.O.G. Lagoon and Vessel Aerators


Waterwise 5.9 Lagoon and Water Bodies - Waterwise Floating & Fixed Aerators

  • Measurably Better Water Aeration
  • Suits water body requiring rapid and permanent malodour, BOD and COD reductions e.g. primary sewerage, dairy, piggery, poultry and abattoir ponds, mining and coal seam gas dams, industrial reservoirs, parks etc.
  • Low capital cost, very low power consumption per kg Oxygen delivered, minimal maintenance, direct drive - no expensive gearboxes, highly efficient oxygen transfer due to multiple air/water interfaces - measurable aeration volumes, lightweight.
  • Standard Models 3.1kw and 5.9kw or larger if required with optional macerator. Solar powered models under development.

    Waterwise 5.9 Aerator General Specification

    Available Models 0.75kW, 5.9kw and 5.9kw with macerator powered by electricity or solar power.

    Key Attributes

    - Rapid and effective water aeration creating a rapid reduction in BOD/COD

    - Both surface aeration and bottom circulation

    - 4 times more effective than a traditional 25-35kW, 2-5 tonne traditional aerator

    - Low power requirements: 5.9kW vs 25kW motors - a reduction of 75%

    - Low capital cost and operational cost - no gearbox to be replaced

    - Large surface area of influence - 40m x 40m - adjustable to suit location

    - Large surface disruption minimises mosquito and other insect breeding

    - Light weight 320kg vs traditional aerator 2,000kg - no cranes required to install, remove or service

    - Very reliable and easily serviced internationally using ITT Flyght pumps


    - Wastewater Treatment Plants

    - Primary sewage ponds fitted with chopper pump

    - Leachate water treatment and Landfill sites

    - Intensive animal growing sheds - piggeries, poultry sheds, feedlots, dairies etc.

    - Lakes, Gardens, Lagoons and Ponds

    - Water Reservoirs

    - Local government settlement ponds

    - Nurseries

    - Golf course lagoons

    - Sports grounds

    - Aquaculture, e.g. duck ponds

    - Sports grounds

    - Wineries, Breweries

    - Any liquids requiring rapid and effective aeration.

    - Sports grounds



    Project Snapshots

    Waterwise Aerator 5.9 in a Public Park-Minimal spray, complete surface disruption reducing midge and mosquito breeding, large area of influence and circulation of sub-surface water (4m deep).

    Waterwise Aerator 3.1 Pig Abattoir Primary Lagoon Capacity 10ML & 100,000L inflow daily. Malodour reduced in 2 days, Brown water outlet indicating contamination levels and healthy biological activity underway.

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