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Bio-Organics Group Pty Ltd

For those who genuinely care about re-establishing a sustainable environment

B.O.G. developed ideas formulated in 1995 and established its first tried and proven commercial, EPA approved, process plant in 2007.

From the early low cost plant, significant development occurred resulting in cost reductions, simplification of process, and effectiveness for use in the China market.

Bio-Organics Group's suite of patented, modular processes transform biological waste into valuable, clean, safe resources economically and efficiently.

Bio-Organics Group Pty Ltd (B.O.G.) has developed a suite of modular, client focused, tailored environmental solutions to re-establish the relationship between air, soil and water for the benefit of plants, animal and humans. These solutions are dedicated to moving mankind forwards, responsibly, by closing the nutrient cycle. Our people are passionate about delivering sustainable solutions meeting client needs.

B.O.G. facilitates accelerated anaerobic fermentation and aerobic transformation of biological waste including animal manures, wastewater and wastewater sludge, fats oils and grease and putrescible waste to generate energy for electricity and heat, recover grade A water, eliminate associated disease for better health, remove odour, remediate contamination and reduce greenhouse gas emission significantly, generating carbon credits.

B.O.G. owns Intellectual Property and is also a system integrator approved to represent a range of new innovative proven technologies in the fields of sludge, water and wastwater management and enhancement. By utilising low energy high intensity equipment new processes for the management of biological remediation have been developed in order to extract the resources known to exist in many wast streams.

Complimentary processes to sludge remediation and recovery rapidly reduce BOD and COD in contaminated water bodies through advanced and very rapid aeration, filter and purify water to a grade A level down to 0.5 microns or less if required using extremely low energy, fully automated equipment and dewater sludges efficiently and effectively. The suite of modular processes offer clients commercially viable, low cost, technologies which provide a strong, sustainable competitive advantage in the market and enhance capital utilisation of existing plants.

As a technical integrator and environmental consultant B.O.G. takes core processes and applies them to many other fields of environmental and commercial endeavour to bring to clients opportunities not previously available.

Additional applications for process have evolved to bring broad application in solids, liquid and gas mixing, water aeration, filtration and purification.

In excess of $27.5 million has been invested in development of commercially successful BOG solutions for waste water and animal manure management to date. It is this passion of B.O.G. team for agriculture and better utilisation of resources combined with a good sense of practical application that has led to the creation of simple, low cost solutions to effluent handling and the desire to ensure effluent waste can be practically recycled for the benefit of food production, moisture retention and soil quality enhancement.