Castle Mountain Zeolites


Bio Organics Group is the supplier of what is arguably one of the world's finest Natural Zeolites. Zeolites, due to their unique chemical and physical characteristics, offer a range of uses in the water filtration and treatment industries from high quality swimming pool water filtration through to filtration and treatment of a range of contaminated water products, as well as being an aid in the removal of some nutrients and contaminants in the remediation of contaminated sites and soil media. Castle Mountain Zeolites offer an effective solution to many water filtration and treatment requirements as they are able to aid in the removal of cationic nutrients that are a common cause of odour and bad taste in water. Zeolite will also control malodourous volatiles (odours) and metal ions including but not limited to heavy metals (cadmium mercury and lead). Further the removal of metal ions improves the softness of the water and gets rid of stains from iron and manganese that are a problem. When used as a high quality pool filtration media, Zeolite is lighter than sand making it easier to backwash, plus the physical structure of the processed Castle Mountain Zeolite granules are much blockier and angularshaped making it pack better in the filter bed and allowing increased rates of filtration.