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Each site has characteristic unique to its operation. These range from the requirement to treat uncontaminated materials through to heavily contaminated materials. Some materials are received with very low moisture content and others high moisture content. Biological materials may be partially or completely digested while other are fresh. B.O.G. Processes are best applied to fresh materials to optimise outcomes. They may be applied to wastewater with moisture as high as 99.9% or moisture as low as 70% subject to material composition.

B.O.G. provides an assessment service to understand the nature of the problem and also to determine the Client requirements for their particular circumstances. An initial meeting is held free of charge. Subsequent testing, analysis, design, acceptance and commissioning are prepared in a staged process with stages costed and agreed prior to commencement.

Bio-Organics Group Pty Ltd (B.O.G.) has developed simple, eloquent solutions to problems associated with treatment of biological products including organics wastes such as human and animal excrement, fats oils and greases associated with food cooking, putrescibles waste, abattoir paunch and other treatments such as algae etc. The combination of new, unique, patented, low energy physical and microbial processes provides low cost, easily maintained, effective treatment of biological products and emolliates damage done to air, soil, and water.

B.O.G. was established to address the problems associated with sewage sludge and animal manures and their decontamination to render them suitable for use as safe, healthy, odour free fertilisers that closed the nutrient cycle and reduced volumes for removal by up to 85%. In addressing this cycle, energy is captured, water is cleaned, contamination is minimised and air quality and health issues are rectified. Additional applications for process have evolved to bring broad application in solids, liquid and gas mixing, water aeration, filtration and purification, all at considerable greater efficiency and lower costs than existing solutions. Consequently B.O.G.'s scalable, modular processes, plant and equipment have application in the fields of mixing, aeration, aerobic and anaerobic digestion, water oxidation with rapid BOD and COD reductions, pharmaceuticals, weedicide and pesticide breakdown, contaminant reduction and odour, protozoa, pathogen and virus minimisation.

Core Products

  • The BOG ProcessTM

    The B.O.G. ProcessTM accelerates, aerobic or anaerobic digestion of human and animal (pigs, poultry, ducks, and cattle) excrement, fats, oils and greases from kitchens, putrescible organic waste, abattoir paunch and similar organic wastes.

    Benefits of accelerated digestion include enhanced volumetric efficiency in existing plant allowing for greater capital utilisation. Bio-gas energy capital efficiency is enhanced due to greater volumes produced in less time, odour is eliminated and heath issues are addressed through complete transformation of sludge to fertliser.

    The B.O.G. ProcessTM transforms waste management from being a high cost exercise for WWTP's to an environmentally responsible, revenue generating process while saving power, transport and disposal cost and reducing greenhouse gas emission.

    The BOG ProcessTM does not redefine how aerobic and anaerobic digestion of biological materials occur. The science is well known and understood. We simply create conditions whereby the process is accelerated considerably using less energy than current processes.

    The B.O.G. ProcessTM has modularised processes to allow it to be tailored to Client specific needs and scale.

  • MixaeratorTM

    High density, high intensity, low cost mixing of solids at up to 30% dry solids content. The unique twin vortex mixing allows for complete homogenization of materials and rapid BOD & COD reductions in liquids; mixing and aerating at the same time.

    The mixing and aeration equipment has also been used commercially successfully in other areas, mining, aquaculture, gold recovery, food mixing, contaminated dam remediation, lagoon rectification and waterways successfully over the past 7 years. The largest water body treated was mining pond several kilometres long 1.5 kilometres wide and 4 metres deep. Four aerators mixed ingredia in successfully over 4 days.

  • Mixerator

    Mixes solids, liquids and gas in any or all combinations at low speed or high speed with or without aeration ensuring complete homogeneity.

  • Microbial Material

    Microbial material has been designed specifically to operate effectively and economically in sludge. The process for grow of microbes is unique creating significantly more microbes than any known processes. The treatment process is a batch process. When transformation of sludge is complete microbes of the batch die.

  • Castle Mountain Zeolites

  • Water & Liquids Treatment Products

    Waterwise Aerators

    BOG Commercial & Industrial Filtration Systems

    BOG Rotary Filter

    Oxysolver (oxygenates water for irrigation purposes)

    BOG Containerised Water Purification System

  • BOG Fertiliser Products

  • Z-filter (Under Development)