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B.O.G. provides unique solutions for problems associated with the treatments of water and biological and organic wastes through usage or incorporation of innovative technology/ies in practical processing. These include but are not limited to combinations of physical, chemical, biological and microbiological processing of these wastes for which it has been granted licenses to use or supply.

Processes include commercially attractive, accelerated anaerobic and aerobic digestion, high intensity aeration of water using > 60% less energy, low cost, high volume, minimal back flush, automated filtration of insolubles to < 1 micron, decontamination of pollutants and removal of solubles such as salts using solar furnaces.

Kitchen waste, gutter oils, animal effluents, sewage, industrial waste, artesian water, river water, dams, lagoons, ponds, coal seam gas waters, etc. are treatable.

Commercial ApplicationsMORE

Processes available to B.O.G. are being used commercially in: Cattle feedlot 9,000hd manure treatment, Lemontree, dairy manure 2,000hd, WWTP sewage sludge and water recovery for local cities, Poultry abattoir fat removal from waste water poultry, Mining pond remediation, Gold recovery, Water remediation, Chemical spill remediation, Protection Authority, prawn farms Vietnam, Toxic waste decontamination.

Successful commercial assessment trials have been conducted in: Hong Kong 鈥 waste water, Changsha 鈥 Hunan Province 鈥 sewage sludge, Piggeries effluent 鈥 South East Queensland.

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