Innovative Patent

  • The B.O.G. Process™

    The B.O.G. Process™ is covered by an Innovative Patent No. 2010100079 describing unique physical and microbial processing of biological material. Such processing is initially focused on the effective and complete transformation of animal and human effluent using aerobic and/or anaerobic digestion tailored to meet client needs.

    Key objectives include:

    Reduced processing and energy costs currently associated with biological waste, reduced processing time and therefore enhanced plant capacity, transformation of waste disposal costs into revenue streams

    Minimisation of the need for existing waste disposal methods - landfill, waterway disposal, incineration and application of undigested materials onto agricultural land with consequential food chain contamination.

    Pathogen, protozoa and virus minimisation or destruction in the creation of safe, grade A stable, healthy, dry, basal fertiliser,

    Recovery of biogas for transformation into energy for heating and electricity generation, and creation of carbon credits, recovery of clean water with reduced BOD and COD, Commercial application of a suite of processes using Core Products to address Client needs

    High intensity, high density solids mixing

    Validation Data

    Sewage Sludge to Fertiliser