Case Study


Kerwee Project, Queensland, Australia

11,000-head Feedlot pond sludge 40,000m3 to be treated. Key objectives Odour control and then aeraobic digestion with sludge lifted from the base of the 6m deep pond. Brought odour under control in 4 days to the stage where there was no noticable odour from the pond. Digested the first 2,000m3 in two weeks in an open lagoon using two mixaerators immersed in the sludge.

End result was aliquid fertiliser with moisture content of 60%. This was transported 300 kilometers to farm land and rewet for liquid application to vegetable crops via spray systems. High nutrient values, transport costs reduced due to moisture removal, Kerwee lagoons recovered for further effluent catchment.

Achieved the outcome the Client required. While reducing the solids volume in the storage lagoon as required by the Client. Compared to the alternative clean up costs $A427,000 quoted, provided cost saving to Client $A329,400.

Slurry Start of Process

Shows the sludge being liquified for smaller particle size so the microbes can move freely through the digestate / sludge and access more organic matter

The mixer head is submerged in the sludge by approixmately 250-300mm. The vortex created is shown with a clear view of the mixing head drawing air into the sludge and dispersing the air horizintally into the sludge to oxygenate the sludge/water and immediately reduce odour