B.O.G. Aeration and Mixing Equipment


MixaeratorTM In Vessel and Lagoons

The MixaeratorTM

- is a new, patented technology which minimises power use and maximises water aeration and mixing.

- utilises the forces generated in a twin vortex in a unique and novel manner. While visually similar to a traditional butterfly mixer, the internal function and utilisation of vortices is completely different and many times more effective than a butterfly mixer.

- has been used successfully commercially for a number of years in Australia in a range of industries and applications. The technology is heavily supported by Government bodies in Australia.

- has enhanced microbiological treatments for the food processing industry, and water body nutrient management using biological micro-systems.

- Has a unique accelerated oxidation and reduction processes for chemical contaminants and effective homogenous mixing, integrated environmental site management for recycling industries, waste water purification process development for a wide spectrum of agricultural, industrial and domestic situations.

Major clients who have used the MixaearatorTM include State government departments such as Main Roads, RTCS, Department of Primary Industries, EPA, and DNR. Corporate clients have included Dow Agro Chemicals, Australian Food Corporation, Golden Circle Cannery, McDonalds, Woodford Folk Festival, and many agricultural operations.


- Facilitation of accelerated digestion in vessel of biological waste streams such as kitchen waste, animal manures, wastewater treatment plant sludge, leachate water, etc

- Elimination of blue green algae by nutrient depletion by competitive introduced species

- Noxious water weed elimination by oxidation/ micro biological systems

- Development of the on-site ambient temperature/pressure advanced oxidation/photo decomposition process for chlorinated solvent hydro carbons and cotton pesticide contaminants destruction

- Development of hydrocarbon solubilisation and accelerated hydrocarbon bio- remediation techniques for soil and water borne contamination

- Development of on site heavy metal decontamination for arsenic/lead contaminated soil

- Complete micro biological management of organic nutrients in a large scale abattoir and total elimination of fats and greases using bacteria in complete system application

- Development of "instantaneous in- line aeration/ oxygenation"

- Development of in line odor control by vortex mechanical air/water pattern inducement

- In- line BOD/ saturation D.O. introduction/ modification to accelerate nutrient bio-digestion and accelerate de-gasification and de-nitrification

- Surface and recycled water catchment design and inflow nutrient management, sustainable water quality management for ponds and dams



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